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At Gay Games in Köln, I ran 10K roadrace in 39:36, which is 6:23/mile pace. The Köln course was flat and 2 x 5K loop, which is very similar to Pride Run I will be racing next Saturday. In Köln, I remember I wasted time running through slower runners immediately after having crossed the start line. There were over 500 participants and I had to weave through some of them to get through. I don’t know how many runners will be racing next Saturday, but I will be closer to the front this time, so that I won’t make the same mistake. My target is 39:00, which is 6:14/mile pace.

From the speed training I’ve done in the past few weeks, I doubt that I could maintain 6:00 pace all the way for 10K. I don’t remember what type of pace I was running in Köln but my target was 6:00/mile. Obviously, the pace did not last and I slowed down a bit in the second loop. For the first mile or two, I should target 6:15 pace and see what it feels like. I will have warmed up by the time the race starts. 10K race is not as long as marathon, so I would not have a lot of time to make up if mistakes were made. I need to be warm and ready to race when the clock starts ticking.

After 2 miles, depending on how I feel, I should either maintain the pace from the first 2 miles or increase the pace a bit. But the point is to keep the steady pace the next 3 miles. I would be happy if I kept 6:15 all the way through to the Mile 5 mark.

The last 1.25 miles will be mental running. I’ve trained hard and I want to get a PR. The closer to the target, the better. I should not sprint too soon, however. I should pay attention to the pace and manage the pace, which is what I mean by ‘mental running’. I can sprint when I see the goal or if there is another runner sprinting up with me. I hope I will have enough gas left in my legs to sprint and run my brains out!


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