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I went to watch my track team mates compete at Bay Area Senior Games on March 11 at Stanford University. From my past Masters’ track meet, I knew I could not discount those senior athletes, because they are fit and competitive. They are inspirational and motivational for my up-coming track season, after Boston, too. While most of my team mates are sprinters and while this is a regional Senior Games (a qualifier to next year’s National Senior Games), there were good results in 400m, 800m and 1,500m that I would compete. I could not help but compare how I would fare against them, though I am a least a few years away from their age.

2012 bay area senior games 1500mIn 400m, 63-year old man won in 59.95. Wow, that’s not too far from my Master’s PR! 400m is not something I train for and is sort of like a by-product of 1,500m or Mile for me. Sprinting is a big part of 400m, and I don’t sprint =). But having run 400m in high school, I like to compete in it and see where I am compared to my high school days… In 800m, a 54-old man won in 2:17.06 and a 70-year old man took second in 2:27.27. That’s impressive! 800m is not my specialty, either (well, none of my track events are!), but the endurance component with the speed strategy makes it exciting. I hope I can run 800m as fast as the 70-year old man! In 1,500m, a 51-year old won in 4:50.47 and a 58-year old took third in 5:05.76. Now, 1,500m or Mile is what I am going to train for and want to be better this coming track season. I am competing in three meets this summer and want to PR and beat 4:45 in at least one of the meets! There were some good results in 5,000m, too. A couple of 58-year olds took first and second in 18:26.39 and 18:27.17. They are faster than me! I don’t like to run 5,000m, because it’s grueling to run 12.5 times around the track, at least for now.

2012 Bay Area Senior Games 800mGreat job to all who competed in the Senior Games and good luck to those who qualified for the National Senior Games next year. Take some well-deserved rest! I am sure I will see some of them at the track meets this summer. I’d better train hard so I won’t get beaten! By the way, some had really nice-looking racing flats!

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