2014 Boston Marathon Field Size Set At 36,000

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Much anticipated information arrived today. The field size of 2014 Boston Marathon has been set at 36,000 by Boston Athletic Association, including those 5,624 runners who have been invited back next year to complete their unfinished business at 2013 Boston Marathon. This is a very good news to me, because I barely made my qualifying time for 2014 with some 30 seconds to spare. With all the heightened interests to run the marathon next year, I’ve been nervous all summer, but I can breathe easier now. The registration starts on Monday, September 9 for those who have faster qualifying times by 20 minutes or more. I won’t be able to register until September 16. It is going to be a long week for sure.

Now a little about me, but not much about my life as a runner, because I’ve been injured. Back in June, I did something to my lower back, and since then, I have not been able to do much running. The cause of this inconvenience is not very clear. According to my fabulous physical therapist, Heather Stone at San Francisco Sports and Spine Physical Therapy, it is a combination of over-use and weakened muscles. Because I thought I had symptoms that were more towards structural, I saw an orthopedic surgeon after a couple of months of procrastination and denial in early August. Within 20 minutes, he rules out any structural problems and wrote me a note to go see a physical therapist. He even did not let me get a MRI!

I was skeptical about getting positive results from physical therapy, because I had seen massage therapists and chiropractors who said they worked with runners and knew what to do, but results were disappointing. But, thank god, I went to Heather, and I have been reacting very positively to the mobility and strengthening exercises she prescribed. I am so thankful and hopeful that I could start training soon. Right now, I am doing strengthening exercises for my hip flexors, glutes and hamstrings. I could not believe how weak those areas were when she isolated and tested my strength. I have started to run, but very slowly and low mileage. In another month or so, I should be able to do longer runs. Oh, I cannot wait!

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