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Boston Athletic Association (BAA)’s Boston Marathon registration process is top-notch. After the disastrous registration that BAA had to shut the window in eight hours after it had opened for 2011 marathon, they have perfected the process. Their communication is clear: They have been telling us how many submission they have received and how many have been accepted. This informs everyone who is interested about the status and there is no more chaos (other than among those who are familiar with the process). This morning, I sent in my registration and received an email confirmation right back. BAA learned a lesson and became such a professional and efficient event organizer.

This year, fortunately, BAA expanded the field size to 30,000, about 80% of which is dedicated for qualified runners. From what I read, this increase is an BAA’s response to last year’s cry from those who did not get accepted due to overwhelming interests in participating the 2013 race. The registration for 2015 race opened last Monday for runners with faster qualified times. Luckily, there are still 8,000 spots available after the week of registration (until the end of Wed), according to BAA’s announcement this morning. This is a fantastic news for me, because it appears my chance of getting accepted is higher. Either way, I expect the waiting game will be over by the end of this week and receive an email from BAA whether I get accepted or not. Some are saying the registration might still be open after this week and even after Chicago Marathon on October 12. Those who still don’t have a BQ, they can register after next week if it is not filled by then; however, after this week, acceptance will be given to qualified runners on a first-come first-served basis. There are still a lot of marathons out there between now and then. Good luck, everyone!

Update, Sept 17: BAA just made an announcement they closed the registration, and it would not open again next week. So, this is it. Wow! This means more than 8,000 applications came in past three days. Of course, there were a few marathons last weekend and many people must have run BQs, and/or there were heck a lot of people who have had BQ -5:00. Obviously, I am less optimistic about my chance of getting accepted with this news. There is nothing I can do but wait for a good news…

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