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This morning, several San Francisco Front Runners drove across the bay and participated East Bay Front Runners’ Pride Run. The weather could not have been any better for the occasion, and the course around Lake Merritt was very scenic. I don’t think I have been to Lake Merritt before. After registration and chit-chat with happy runners, we gathered around the start line and we set off about 9:15.

The 10K folks started about 50 meters ahead of us 5K runners at the same time. I am not sure why that was. Most of 5K runners ran at faster paces than 10K runners, so there was a bit of congestion after 5K runners quickly caught up with 10K runners. Anyway, there must have been about 200 (maybe a tad less) runners this morning. The running path was narrow, but it did not create a major problem as far as I was concerned.

Since the half-marathon last Sunday, the back of my right knee is still tender. I was not sure how I should run this morning, so I started slower than my 5K pace. After a mile or so, my knee was not an issue, so I increased my speed. I passed a bunch of people and finished 19:10 per my watch, which turned out to be the second place overall. I don’t know who won and what the time was. My splits were:

Unofficial splits per Runkeeper
Split Time
1M 6:31
2M 6:00
3M 5:46
5K 5:32

Not a PR but it was a good run. I wore the new Saucony Kinvara 2 that I bought yesterday. They felt great, though they are 1 inch larger than the other pair I love so much. Shoe review coming soon!

Many thanks go to the East Bay Front Runners for putting together this event. Everything went nicely and I had a fun time.

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