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Not much to write about these days, because 1) I injured my right ankle, 2) The discomfort in upper left groin is not going away, 3) I have been trying to get books I want to read but I have not managed to get hold of them, 4) Boston Marathon registration starts on Monday but I have to wait for two days before I can register.

About a week ago, a bike came crashing down on my right ankle and the cassette with sharp teeth ate my ankle! A couple of small but deep cuts bled quite a bit. Only first-aid treatment and I did not go to a hospital. Stitches might have aided the healing, but I did not feel like dealing with emergency stuff. Hydrogen Peroxide and Isopropyl Alcohol cleaned the woulds, and I’ve been applying Neosporin daily. It looks like the wounds are healing nicely. I hope to start running some time this week. This injury came out of nowhere when the peak training needed for the Half Marathon. I was doing well until then – I weighed 155 lbs and was keeping up with the scheduled training. After a week of not running plus lots of eating and drinking over the Labor Day weekend, I am not quite in a shape to run the race yet! I don’t know what I can do between now and the race day, and I am not sure if I can get NYQ…

Another physical challenge is the discomfort in my upper left groin. A week of rest has not reduced the discomfort (and not expected). Again, this is not causing any significant pain and not preventing me from running, but something that is back of my head and not going away…

It would have been great if good reading took my mind off of these injury and discomfort, but it has been slow for these books to arrive. I have Harlan’s race by Patricia Nell Warren, Run by Dean Karnazes, and Long Run by Matt Long in the library’s queue. I also ordered The Marathoners by Hal Higdon via Amazon and the Perfect Distance by Pat Butcher at Books Inc. They are all not here yet!

To fuel the frustration, Boston Marathon registration starts next Monday but I have to wait for two days before I can register. Those who have BQ times 20 minutes faster can register starting Monday. My BQ was one minute and 49 seconds short of that, so I have to wait… I don’t think it is going to fill that fast just with people with BQ times 20 minutes faster, but there is no guarantee that I could register on Wednesday, Sept 14. I will be watching how the registration goes, biting my finger nails.

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