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I did not watch the track and field world championships on TV, mostly because these guys are so good and potentially discouraging to watch. And I usually do not watch track and field events on TV whether it is World Championships, the Olympics or such. But since I started to compete on track and would like to continue, I thought I’d give it a watch on You Tube and see what I think. Boy, was I wrong about it being discouraging. The 800m, 1,500m and 5,000m races were very exciting and entertaining to watch. Not that I learned anything from these super elite runners, but these races were as exciting and entertaining to watch as 100m and also inspiring.

800m – Aug 31, 2011


David Rudisha of Kenya holds the World Record of 1:41.01 (Aug 29, 2010) and he must have been the favorite of this race. Not to compare or anything, but my PR is 2:15.82, so you know how fast these guys are. What I liked about Rudisha is that he is a total front runner and he leads the race from the very beginning till the very end. And nobody can catch him. His first 200m was 23.81 and the first 400m was 51.33. He ran the second 400m in 49.68. Unbelievable.

800m results

Position Competitor Country Time
1 David Rudisha KEN 1:43.91
2 Abubaker Kaki SUD 1:44.41
3 Yurly Borzakovskiy RUS 1:44.49

1,500m – Sept 3, 2011


I did not think 1,500m was this fun and exciting to watch. Of course, when I ran 1,500m, I’m huffing and puffing and it is not very pretty sight to watch! The pace they run is so fast that you cannot keep your eyes off of the race. Hitcham El Guerrouj of Morocco holds the world record of 3:26.00 (July 14, 1998), and my PR is 4:48.3… Anyway, they look so relaxed and it does not look like they are running just over 60 seconds per lap. Kiprop held back for the first 800m or so but took off running the last 700m in 1:33.58 and last 400m in 51.45. Matthew Centrowitz ran a great race and won a bronze medal for USA. He is 21 years old.

1,500m results

Position Competitor Country Time
1 Asbel Kiprop KEN 3:35.69
2 Silas Kiplagat KEN 3:35.92
3 Matthew Centrowitz USA 3:36.08

5,000m – Sept 4, 2011


Crazy race. These guys run 64 to 70 seconds per lap for 12.5 laps and the last 400m sprint is just amazing. Kenenisa Bekele of Ethiopia holds the current world record of 12:37.35 (May 31, 2004), and my PR is 18:32… Hard to think we are the same human beings. Ethiopians led the race most of the way and both Farah and Lagat followed the leaders till 4,200m or so. The crazy and amazing thing is how fast they ran in the last 400m. When the bell rang, almost everybody sprinted and it was a tight race. Farah pretty much had the race for the last 400m but Lagat was in the fourth position until less than 100m. He is such a kicker. I noted the lap, so refer to the table below. No medal for the Keyans, though Lagat was born and competed in Kenya until he naturalized to USA.

5,000m results

Position Competitor Country Time
1 Mohamed Farah GBR 13:23.36
2 Bernard Lagat USA 13:23.64
3 Imane Mergo ETH 13:23.78

5,000m splits

Distance Time Split
400m 1:03.95 1:03.95
800m 2:16.61 1:12.66
1,200m 3:25.3 1:08.69
1,600m 4:31.68 1:06.38
2,000m 5:35.61 1:03.93
2,400m 6:41.36 1:05.75
2,800m 7:43.38 1:02.02
3,200m 8:45.19 1:01.81
3,600m 9:49.67 1:04.48
4,000m 10:55.50 1:05.83
4,400m 12:00.17 1:04.67
4,800m 12:57.30 0:57.13
5,000m 13:23.36 0:26.06

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