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Inspiration can be found anywhere. While you are sleeping or having beer in a bar, people are doing something you are not and often those people are in circumstances that are not as accommodating to what they are doing. Amy McDonaugh’s recent achievement is one of those inspiring stories. Stories like hers give me motivation and keep my butt off the couch!

Amy ran the Flying Pigs Marathon on May 1 in Cincinnati and won the women’s division in 2:58:14 (14 minutes faster than my PR!). She is 34 years old and a mother of three. And she is legally blind. She lost her eye sight of her right eye completely when she was 12 due to arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Her left eye has 23/100 vision but with no peripheral sight. She can see where she is going but cannot see signs, potholes, or anything that can be obstacles to her running. She does not know exactly how fast or how far she runs because she cannot see her watch or a mile mark. She often bumps into other runners. When there are no other runners around, she trips over speed bumps or takes a wrong turn.

But she loves running. Despite all the troubles, she gets out of the house before her daughters wake up, and run the usual: a 1.5 mile route that she knows by heart. She repeats the route dozens of times to get the mileage she needs for marathon training.

So what is your excuse not running today? Too much to drink last night? Too cold? Windy? Oh, perhaps raining a little? Think of Amy. You won’t have any excuses.


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