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As I posted before, my 5K and 10K results this year have not improved over last year. This week, I ran both 5K and 10K and I PR-ed in neither race. Despite the efforts I gave, I fell short of PRs though the times were not far off my results from last year; however, I feel as if I hit some type of wall for 5K and 10K. Now that I know my LT, I am going to integrate the data into my training by adding tempo runs. With track intervals and hill workouts that I’ve started this year, hopefully this will help improve the time. However, shorter distance races I ran this week in Vancouver, I cannot help but wonder if I would ever PR in these mid-distance races even if I add tempo runs.

I am pleasantly surprised with the 1,500m and 400m races I ran this week. In 1,500m, I clocked 4:48:30, which was slightly above my expectation. In 400m, however, I ran 58.50 sec! I ran 53.10 sec in high school. Considering that was ages ago and I have not been doing any sprinting, I was impressed but puzzled at the same time: Am I training for the right events? How would I know which events are best suited for my ability, skills, and potentials?

I don’t care if I race 5K and 10K any more; after all, I am running those races as a part of speed training for marathons. I enjoy marathons very much, from both training and racing perspectives; thus, I would not do anything that prevents me from or risk training/racing marathons. But what if my time and effort is better used for shorter distances, such as 400m and 1,500m? Is it too crazy to do both short-distance and long-distance? Am I nuts?

Probably. And I probably won’t run 400m and 1,500m any faster than I did this week even if I spend more time on sprint training. So, I should stick with marathons and just continue with my speed training. I might race shorter-distance events every now and then for fun. I just have to make sure I won’t injure myself into real crisis.

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