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As a response to my earlier post about my Mile pace, I just ran a time-trial on Sunday, so I know what my pace should be on the race day (tomorrow!). I ran 5:10, which is approximately 78 seconds per 400m. This is good to know, because I ran 71 seconds in the first lap and slowed down considerably after that. I was not going to run 71 sec but it just happened that way… So tomorrow, I would at least pace myself not to run 71 sec or even 75 sec in the first lap.

I was debating whether I want to run the race in spikes, and I am deciding that I will just wear my racing flats. This is because my spikes are for sprinting and I am afraid that I would hurt my feet if I ran 1,500m in the spiriting spikes tomorrow. This might change tomorrow, though, after I try them on the track. If it feels OK, I might still run in the spikes.

Since they canceled Discus Throw, I might want to run 800m tomorrow. It is scheduled at 10:00am. I have to go to the track and see if that can be accommodated. My 1,500m is at 3:00pm. Looking forward to it!

Update – I ended up running in spikes and did well in 1,500m. 4:48. Not bad! Also, instead of 800m, I ran 400m. I did 58.5, which came as a great pleasant surprise.

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