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My Life as a dog movie posterMy blog will have a new name and URL soon. It will be called My Life as a Runner and the URL will be As much as I endear the name Running Queen and the title image (already changed in the header but seen below), it’s kinda silly :-). I must have had a few drinks with ABBA songs playing when I decided to start blogging and picked the name, thinking it wouldn’t last long. However, almost a year and 60 posts later, and unlike my past failed attempts to chronicle my other musings, I’m still writing Running Queen today and I plan to keep writing. It might not be too wrong to say I’m moving into a second phase of my blogging, though the focus of the blog will not change.

Why My Life as a Runner? It is after my favorite (Swedish) movie, My Life as a Dog. It is kind of a sad movie where the main character, an innocent boy, has to move around and away from his mother and brother: He is forced to live as if he were a stray dog. But the movie shows the honest emotion of the boy, and the story is told beautifully. I am not a good story-teller, but I truly love running and hope to write and share my life as a runner, honestly. I think it will work.

How is My Life as a Runner? It’s been great so far! I did not discover the love of running until 2006, so it’s been only several years. I’ve run six marathons and have been able to PR in every race. This PR streak gets me going and lets me train hard. I know there will be a race one day that I won’t PR in, and that will be OK. In fact, it will be stopped in my Stockholm Jubilee Marathon, because I want to enjoy the race and experience the event. Anyway, I had a series of frustrating injuries. I procrastinated over training. And the race fees are getting more expensive! But these things do not prevent me from running. The sensation of my body moving forward makes me feel alive. The allure of adrenalin rush at races cannot be resisted. I have met great people through running. Running has made my life fuller and I cannot wait to make it even more so. It would be great to share my experience through this blog, as honestly as I can.

So long, Running Queen. So long ABBA. Oh, by the way, this picture of ABBA poster was taken at Stockholm Arlanda airport in August 2010. Since then, they removed it per Benny Andersson’s request.



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