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A new item I am traveling to Boston with this year is the Grid Foam Roller. It is so fantastic that I have been using religiously every day and actually feel the difference from using a regular foam roller. This product offers a “revolutionary advancement over traditional foam rollers.” If it’s revolutionary or not, there are two things I like about the GRID: 1) Solid construction, and 2) Travel friendly.

I assume readers who visit my blog know about benefits of using a foam roller and use one in some frequency. Until I bought the GRID last week, I was an occasional user and was using it because I was told it had benefits. I had been using a foam roller that anyone would find it at a sporting goods store or even super market. I learned how to use it but I was not convinced if it was actually doing anything. It did not particularly stretch sore spots, because the foam was not very solid and had a lot of give in it. I used a tennis ball for places that were really tight. But once I used the GRID, I no longer use a tennis ball. It has Distrodensity Foam Zone that is almost as hard as baseball and massages my tight spots very effectively. According to the manufacturer, the material is supposed to last a long time. My regular foam roller was somewhat solid when I bought it, but after a couple of years of occasional use, it is pretty forgiving now.

GRID foam rollerThe reason I am bringing it to Boston with me is it is very travel friendly. Though it is light-weight, I’ve never traveled with my regular foam roller, because it would not fit in my luggage. In contrast, the GRID is 13-inch long and its diameter is 5-inch (I cannot find exactly how much it weighs). I can easily fit it in my luggage. In addition, it is hollow inside so I can stuff clothes inside and does not take up space in my luggage. Genius! When you travel for races, it is very difficult to bring your everyday items with you. In the past, I traveled without a foam roller and that was fine. But with the GRID, I can travel without a hassle and massage in my hotel room. I totally recommend this gear to anyone who is looking for solutions to alleviate tightness at home or on the road.Less than 6 days until the race day. I am going to Sam Adams brewery after the race and savor the 26.2 brew. Until then or till I get to Boston, these will do. Cheers!
[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”High-density foam roller” brand=”Trigger Point” model=”GRID Foam Roller” price=”$39.99″ ]

    • imarunner2012
      April 10, 2013

      I use a roller almost every day. It’s not as sophisticated as your but it does the trick.
      I missed the 26.2 mile Sam Adam’s last year. It may be different this year, but last year it was only available on tap at bars along the race route. I bet it is good. Enjoy Boston!

      • Koji Kawano
        April 10, 2013

        Thanks, Andy. Yeah, I did not see the beer last year in bars/restaurants I went to. But this year, supposedly it is more widely available. See if I can find it before the brewery visit.

        • imarunner2012
          April 11, 2013

          I bet it is going to be good. I’m just dieing that I’m not running Boston. It’s killing me!
          Have the time of your life. It is a special moment. My running club, Melrose Running Club will be at about mile 20 or so. They may have purple balloons. If you need anything tell them Andy sent you. Great group of people.

    • forsair
      April 16, 2013

      I hope your current silence is because you are processing and in shock from events and that you are not among the injured. I used to live near Boston. I used to work in Boston. The events have hit me oddly. I hope you are well.

      • Koji Kawano
        April 16, 2013

        Thank you for your concern. Fortunately, I had finished and l left the area before the explosion occurred. It is a tragedy that innocent people had to suffer and my heart is with the family and friends of those who suffered. I trust various agencies are working to identify the person responsible for this senseless incident, while I hope Boston Marathon will continue without bowing to the criminal.

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