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New York City MarathonThe application for NYC Marathon opened on Jan 2 for the race on Nov 4. Since I had cleared their qualifying standard for the 2012 race, I was surprised to see my registration status as ‘non-guaranteed entry drawing’. I quickly sent an email to the organizer and asked if it was some sort of an error – They replied that it would take about three weeks to verify the submitted qualifying time. So I waited. 16 days and $255 later, my status was changed to ‘Accepted’. OK, now it’s official.

If I want to run it again after this year, I’d have to run faster. Because of the increasing number of guaranteed entries in recent years, the organizer has changed the qualifying standards. I will have to either run 1:25 Half or 2:58 Full. I will decide after the race if I want to run this again and pay as much (or probably more).

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