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half marathonThis is my first time running an Oakland Half. Originally, I was not sure if I wanted to run this, because Boston is less than a month away. But the program I’m following prescribes a tune-up race where I can race a Half, though it should have been one week earlier. And some friends are running, so I said why not! It’s a local race. I’ll just hop on BART and I’ll be at the start line in no time. According to my friends who ran the Half in the past, the course is flat as it is advertised.

What should my target time be? My PR is 1:28 from last October. I am in the middle of high mileage training weeks, so my legs might be pretty tired on Sunday. For those lactate threshold runs of 9 to 12 miles, I’ve been running at about 6:35, as Half pace. If I kept the pace all the way, it would be 1:26:15. I will take that. But, that is based on the perfect running condition. Right now, the forecast for Sunday is showing 60% chance of rain with high of 54F. D’oh! I guess I will decide in the race morning at what pace I run. This could potentially be a preparation for Boston as well, if it rains on the race day. I’ve never raced in the rain, so I’ll see how I might be influenced by the rain.

Next several days, I am going to be on the usual race-week diet of high-quality carb and lots of water, though it isn’t too different from my everyday diet. I should avoid ice cream and beer, if I can šŸ™

Those who are running Oakland Half or full Marathon, enjoy the tapering and good luck with the race!

  • Dan
    March 20, 2012

    I always chuckle when I read about people’s obscenely fast time goals. I consider myself a decently fast runner, but a 1:26 half marathon is very far down the road for me. It’ll take a few more years of intense training to get near that number. Congratulations on either being a prodigious, disciplined runner, or having great genes.

    Good luck!

    • Koji Kawano
      March 20, 2012

      Thanks! My first marathon took me almost 2 hours back in 2006. But somehow I got into distance running and time improved along the way. Hopefully, I will continue improving. Good luck on your endeavor!

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