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I am much more like Scott F. Parker‘s friend, David, who is systematic and process oriented when it comes to running. If Scott was my friend, I would have said exactly the same thing to Scott: “you don’t just go from running a few miles a few times a week to running a marathon without serious training.” The author of Running After Prefontaine, Scott F. Parker is more spontaneous or reckless type, and that is the underlying theme of this book. The book is his own memoir and a compilation of short stories that result from his soul-searching and self-defining in relation to his running.

His stories are entertaining. As an amateur runner, there are many aspects of running that I agree with him and I also run to prove myself, only to me. I would like the races I run and the times I run in to define me, or at least say something about me. So, in that sense, we are in the same shoes. But the way he does is very different from mine, as I mentioned earlier.

It’s a good book in which you can compare your running philosophy to his. I enjoyed it.

[schema type=”book” url=”″ name=”Running After Prefontaine” author=”Scott F. Parker” publisher=”Inside the Curtain Press” pubdate=”2014-05-01″ isbn=”978-0983956211″ ]

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