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I don’t know if everybody noticed when BAA sent out an email about free private tour of Sam Adams Brewery and free 26.2oz beer glass. I did, and promptly requested and received an invitation. My invitation was for Tuesday. So after a good night sleep, I hopped on the Orange T and arrived at the brewery at around 12:00 noon. My invitation was for 3:30, but I had a plane to catch at 5:30. So, I asked for an early tour, and there was no problem getting into 12:30 tour.

Boy, this place smelled so GOOD! Sweet aroma of barley or some sort of grain roasting or fermenting hit me, and suddenly I was in euphoria. And there were quite a few fellow Boston survivors from the previous grueling day waiting for the tour. A huge contrast from the day before were the proud faces and lots of energies among them. A happy place! I hit the gift shop while I waited for the tour. I bought a T-shirt and refrigerator magnet.

I am not very sure if the tour-takers were seriously interested in touring the facility, or just wanted to taste beer and get the freebie, but we followed the guide, a fun and friendly chap, John. This facility in Boston is pretty small, and obviously, not the only Sam Adams brewery. But Boston 26.2 Brew was crafted here. John took us around the small facility and explained the brewing process, which reminded me of my own personal brewing back in the 90s.

After 30 minutes or so of listening and learning, we moved into the tasting room. 50 or so people were just waiting for this moment! John let us taste three beer: Boston lager, their flagship beer, Boston Summer Ale, and Boston 26.2 Brew. I had not been a big fan of Sam Adams before – did not dislike it, mostly because I prefer darker and full-body pale ale, the likes of Anchor Steam or Fat Tire. Sam Adams tend to be lighter than most of the beer I drink. But it’s got clean taste and is a great alternative on a warm day or as a lunch beer for me. Now, I am a fan!

After the tasting, I scored the big 26.2oz glass and headed out to Doyle’s for lunch as recommended. Doyle’s is an Irish bar and cafe, which served the first Sam Adams Boston Lager on tap. There is a free shuttle that you can take from the brewery to Doyle’s and back. But I walked, about 15 minutes. I had Marinated BBQ Steak Tips. Yummo, as Rachel Ray would have said.

I found this a very pleasant and fun activity while in Boston. I am glad I did not miss this tour and would go back again next time I run Boston. I would also recommend friends to visit and take the tour. Thanks for the tour, Sam Adams. I will be back!

  • imarunner2012
    May 11, 2012

    I still have not had a taste of 26.2. I hope it was great.
    I first had Sam Adams the summer of 1986 I believe. From the first taste I thought, wow this is how beer is supposed to taste! I’m glad you had fun in Boston, come back soon.

    • Koji Kawano
      May 14, 2012

      The brew was good, and I hope they bring it back next year. It’s fun to have something special for the marathon. Started to follow your blog. Looking forward to your posts!

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