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I am registered to run Ventura Marathon this Sunday, Sept 7. I am running it, because I want to run Boston 2015. I need 3:24:59 or better to qualify. If I was trained well, it should not be that much of a big deal. But I am not, and I have had a slight pain behind my right knee past two weeks. There is a good chance I won’t be making the BQ for next year. Is a big defeat waiting come this Sunday morning?

I missed 2014 Boston Marathon due to heightened interests in running the marathon from running communities across the country and beyond. I had barely BQed at the 2013 marathon for the 2014 marathon, and after the nail-biting application process, I was booted out of pool of the lucky 36,000 people who were granted the entry. In hindsight, I would not have been able to run the marathon even if I was accepted, because I hurt my lower back again in February. Since then, I recovered enough to train. However, training for a fall marathon during recovery was tricky, and it conflicted with my track training, especially this year, because of the Gay Games 9 in Cleveland + Akron. My track team had been training for a long time.

Up until I left for Cleveland, I was fairly certain I could BQ in Ventura. Though I was engaged in a upcoming week of track running, I had run up to 17 miles and I still had a month to increase mileage and keep training, after I returned from the Games. But the week of track did cause fatigue in my legs, and they don’t feel rested after two weeks. Since I came back from Ohio, I’ve run 10-milers maybe three times, but none of them were over 13 miles. And the 13-miler was not pretty. My both calves felt really tight, so was my right hamstring, let alone the knee pain. Overall, more tired than I should have been after a 13-miler.

This week has been better, though, and this has given me some hope that my legs might be finally getting over the fatigue from the track meet. Yesterday’s 7-miler felt good. Because my physical shape is not up to a point I am comfortable getting a BQ, I am going to rely on ways to trick myself psychologically and emotionally that I am ready to get the BQ. I did run 3:24-ish last marathon without much training. It is supposed to be a flat course. There will be pace leaders and maybe I’ll chat up with one to distract me from the knee pain. I can do this!

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