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How quickly time passes when I am slacking! Since my last post, uh two months ago, I ran Jubilee Marathon Stockholm on July 14th, 5th Annual track meet on July 21st, Disneyland Half Marathon on Sept 2nd and now sort of training for NYC Marathon. I see my name in 2013 Boston Marathon entry list. I have started reading Tread Lightly and Running with the Mind of Meditation, while The Little Red Book of Running sits on a side table in my bedroom. I recently bought Eat & Run by Scott Jurek and The Miles by Robert Lennon for my upcoming trip to Italy. I have all these materials to write posts on, but still slacking…

I’ve been in a slump lately, and that’s surely one of the reasons I’ve been slacking. I feel¬†physically¬†uncoordinated when I run, and my legs and feet don’t have much power. I’ve been feeling this way after I ran track meet in July and I really felt exhausted. I feel I have a mild case of strained lower ab muscle and symptoms of onset of plantar fasciitis. Every run, whether it’s a recovery or long run, requires more efforts. I’ve taken a week off from running, here and there in the past couple of months. I see my chiropractor and masseur regularly, but no sign of clear recovery.

NYC Marathon is a good motivation, so is my entry into Boston 2013. In addition, I am leaving for a two-week holiday to Umbria, and I am hoping the change of scenery will give me a mental boost that helps me erase all these physical nuisance. My running shoes and Garmin are in the suit case…

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