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Stockholm Calling

35 Comments 📁 races 🕔06.March 2012
Stockholm Calling

Jubilee Marathon StockholmThis morning I received an email update from Jubilee Marathon Stockholm organizers. I signed up for this marathon that will have participants run the 1912 Olympic marathon course, which starts at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm. With 10,000 entrants, it is not going to be a huge event, but I am totally looking forward to this marathon in July. I am running with my friend, Randy Sprinkle, from South Carolina, and I also know a couple of local runners who signed up for this. This is going to be my third visit to Stockholm but the first time running a race there. It is a beautiful city, and this time I will be able to enjoy more of it by running 26.2 miles! By the way, in 1912, a marathon distance was 40.2K, instead of 42.195K. They will add distance to make it a marathon distance of today. The start time is scheduled at 13:48, as it was 100 years ago. Hope it is not going to be super hot. This event is to celebrate the 100th anniversary; therefore, there will be no prizes for winners. This will, of course, reduce the field of elite marathoners. Also, with London Olympics only one month away, there won’t be any record-breaking runners, either. Combined with a never-ending mid-summer day, it will be a great party by the runners and spectators. Something tells me this marathon is going to be for fun, not for a PR!

Jubilee Marathon StockholmSpeaking of runners and spectators, the organizers are encouraging them to dress up in 1912 fashion. Oh boy. I’ve never done a costume marathon, though I’ve run with costume runners all around me before. They are selling the replica of 1912 vest that Swedish runners wore. Maybe, I just do that!


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  1. 🕔 11:56, 07.March 2012


    What an amazing experience that will be! I’m excited to read all about it!

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    • 🕔 11:49, 08.March 2012

      Koji Kawano

      You will definitely read about it! I cannot wait till I share my experience here. Stay tuned =)

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  2. 🕔 10:28, 26.March 2012

    Jennifer Avventura

    Wow, what a fun experience! Have a great time, looking forward to reading about it.

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  3. 🕔 10:52, 26.March 2012

    Mikalee Byerman

    I’m impressed — sounds like an amazing adventure!

    Best of luck to you…

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  4. 🕔 13:04, 26.March 2012


    I just moved back to the US from Stockholm! My boyfriend ran the Stockholm Marathon last year and he really enjoyed it. Stockholm is such a beautiful city and the race is very well-organized. This is one of my favorite stories about Stockholm – have you heard about the runner who went “missing” for 50 years? (

    Anyway, good luck and enjoy the city! I miss it a lot!

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    • 🕔 13:12, 26.March 2012

      Koji Kawano

      OMG! Never heard of the story of missing, uh fellow country man! Interesting story. Thanks for sharing. Yes, Stockholm is very beautiful and it is my favorite city. I cannot wait for my July visit!

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  5. 🕔 13:41, 26.March 2012

    The Hook

    Cool share, my new friend!

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  6. 🕔 15:12, 26.March 2012

    Ryan Sprout

    Sweet and thanks for sharing!

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  7. 🕔 17:42, 26.March 2012


    Keep on running!

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  8. 🕔 18:15, 26.March 2012


    Excellent post. And I like marathon too.

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  9. 🕔 19:31, 26.March 2012

    Elsy M Olson

    It apparently works… Good Luck!

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  10. 🕔 21:50, 26.March 2012


    This is a bit off topic, but I love the quote on your banner: “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional!”

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  11. 🕔 22:55, 26.March 2012

    Dreamz Infra

    Keep on….nice Blog

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  12. 🕔 4:46, 27.March 2012


    I’m 21 and I’m currently training for the first half marathon in my life! – right next to sweden I’m in Denmark :) good luck to you and have a good run!

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  13. 🕔 5:28, 27.March 2012

    Lotto Results

    Great blog post. One day I will do a Marathon.

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  14. 🕔 7:35, 27.March 2012


    Reblogged to – can’t wait to follow your story, this is on my travel list of places I’d love to go, safe travels, Good luck and good health!

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  15. 🕔 7:36, 27.March 2012


    Reblogged this on ecomom22 and commented:
    Can’t wait to follow the travels, 26.2 mile marathon in Stockholm, should be amazing!

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  16. 🕔 9:24, 27.March 2012


    I ran the Disney Princess half in costume. It was… interesting.

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  17. 🕔 9:49, 27.March 2012


    Stockholm is such a beautiful city, I just visited and blogged about my experience there! Can’t wait to hear about your upcoming trip there :)

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  18. 🕔 9:50, 27.March 2012

    Niki, unifiedspace

    Good luck with the Marathon. The only one I have done was the Loch Rannoch Marathon in the Highlands of Scotland. Beautiful scenery but only sheep to watch! Stockholm is such a stunning city, I love all the water and it feels so fresh. Enjoy.

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  19. 🕔 15:08, 27.March 2012



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  20. 🕔 19:15, 28.March 2012


    Sounds cool. Hope to see your after post!

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