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I’ve been reading my fellow marathoners’ blogs and they seem rather restless during their tapering period. Many say they are frustrated, because they are not supposed to run as much and far as they did earlier in the training. But I love and enjoy this last stage of the marathon preparation. I can do things that I have not had much time to do earlier, and I can reduce the chance of incurring last minute injuries and fatigue.

Maybe the experience of having run six marathons is helping me feel not frustrated, or maybe I am just sticking with the program believing that tapering is a necessary and important step for a success on the race day: Probably the combination of both.

As many books and coaches recommend, I have reduced the time and amount spent on running. I should be doing a bit more running, but I somehow managed to do something with my right Achilles tendon and it’s been very tight and painful at times. A bit concerned that I may not be able to run well, come Monday; in that sense, I am frustrated but otherwise, I am thinking positive and trying to prepare for the race mentally. This is my third Boston, so the visualization is easier and there are videos online that help me remember parts of the course. I think this process is important to get done during the tapering but not the day before the race, so that I won’t be too excited or nervous thinking about and visualizing the race, but instead have a good night sleep. A couple of beer at pasta dinner should do the trick!

Also, I started the carb loading on Monday. I know our body cannot store glycogen over certain level, but I like carb anyway. In addition to the pasta or rice for dinner, I started to eat a couple of bagels for breakfast, so that my system will get used to them on the race day. I’ve been eating a lot of pineapple, too. The enzyme called bromelain, found in pineapple, is supposed to help reduce inflammation, so I will be eating more until the race day. Finally, a lot of water – that goes without saying.

I am flying to Boston on Friday and running with Front Runners Boston on Saturday morning. That will be the last and only running I will be doing after today, and I don’t have any problem with that. To those running Boston next week, have a great rest of the week. Have fun and good luck!

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