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This is a naked story about Matt Long’s horrible but courageous experiences going through his frustrating days after a near fatal accident. His extraordinary stories have had a lot of media coverage inside and outside running community, so you might know his stories already. I read his story in Runner’s World Magazine and again in the book I recently read Going Long. In The Long Run, he details and exposes his honest feelings about everything he went through; about his family, friends, girl friends, his various physical states, NYFD, recovery, desperation, rages, hopes, etc..

In summary, he was run over a bus and went through a number of surgeries to get his body reconstructed, during which he received 61 units of blood. After three years later, he ran New York City Marathon and then an Ironman in Lake Placid the following year. I am not trying to discount the severity of his accident, his iron will, or his monumental efforts to recover. What he went through was too grave and I don’t have enough space to write about here. Also, I want you to read the book. =)

As a runner or a human being, I would have gone through the same depression and despair as he did, if I were in the same situation. The prospect of not able to run or to enjoy what I do for the rest of my life would destroy me and give up any hopes of a recovery. But he has such a strong will and conviction that got him through the tough times. I also think he is a lucky man: He could not have recovered the way he did without his support system, including his family and friends, medical and training teams, and financial situation, which his irresistible personality and good values created over the years. His tenacious nature helped greatly but his compassionate and devoting personality laid the foundation to exercise his tenacity when he needed. Great read.

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