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This should not be a hard question, since I’ve run 5,000m on track. In the most recent 5,000m, I ran the first mile in 5:50 or so. But the question is how much faster can I get? 5:50 is 87.5 sec/lap. Can I do 85 sec/lap? Probably. How about 80 sec/lap? Hmmm, not sure.

I am running 1,500m in Vancouver Outgames at the end of July and a Mile at Pride Meet in August. While I have other races (5,000m and 10K) to train for, I am curious to know what sort of time I can run a Mile race in.

According to the Performance Predictors by Peter Riegel, I could finish a Mile in 5:38, which would be 84.5 sec/lap. This is not too far off from what I think I can do based on the 5,000m time. I guess I can find out by trialing before Outgames. Make sure to remember I don’t eat burrito before running!

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